Yellow House

Yellow House after the show From left to right: Matt Jones, Amos Staggs, Mark Philpot, Dan Roberts

Yellow House Productions. What is that? I am not exactly sure just yet, but we had our first event last Thursday. It was a huge success. I can say with confidence that everyone in attendance left inspired. The reason….. Three guys played their own original music in a real and honest way. It was truthful. I do know Yellow House wants to uphold the real, honest and truth that can be conveyed through art.

A quick recap of the event from my vantage point:

Jody Jones: He started off the evening with a song titled “Shadow In The Sun”. I felt every lyric in that song and it took me to a place of peaceful solitude. Nice work Mr. Jones. Jody played through the pain and medication that he was filled with due to a nasty kidney stone. And his performance had those in attendance asking for “one more”. Jody obliged. Thank you.

Dan Roberts: “This is how it sounded on the front porch” said Dan before he played a song he co-wrote titled “The Beaches of Cheyenne”…. A number one hit from Garth Brooks in March of 1996. I was hooked on every line of each song that Dan performed. Each line built on the previous line and had me waiting in anticipation for what was next. The care and the craft behind each line in every song inspires me to write better and more often. Thank you Dan.

Amos Staggs: “Bad angel……. get off of my shoulder” was how Amos began his last song. I was left in awe and shaking my head several times in the evening, listening to lyrics and the emotion that was coupled with those lyrics. Dan Roberts told me, “Amos is the best writer that I know.” After last Thursday evening I feel the same way.Thank you Amos.

I am thankful I was part of the evening. Thank you to friends and family who showed up in support.

Good week to all.

Follow the happenings of Yellow House here: Or send us an email at and we will add you to our mailing list.

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Retired Number 10 and 60


The first time I saw the number 10, I knew that I wanted to wear it. There it was. In a picture at our home. On the back of my dads jersey as he was swinging a bat. I’m not sure what is was about that picture, but I loved it. And that number 10 shone brightly. A few weeks back, Coach Carrizales at Crowley High School, retired my dads jersey. Never to be worn again. And the number will be displayed on the outfield fence.

I’m proud that number 10 is retired at Crowley. And this Friday I am proud to say that my dad is turning 60.

If you know him please take a second and give him a call or send him a text this week. Show him some love.

Have a great week!

Couple Happenings this Month:

Central Market – Songbird Jones – March 21 – 6-9pm

The Live Oak – Yellow House Productions – March 27, 7:30 More info below (An event hosted by myself and Mark Philpot) Youtube: Amos Staggs Trailer TICKETS: HERE FB Page: Yellow House Productions

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Monday Monday…. Can’t Trust That Day

So, when every Sunday evening or Monday rolls around I find myself thinking…… “How can I get out of writing this Monday Blog?”. I think it is time for me to put this blog on the shelf for a while…. maybe never take it off. I may throw a blog out there every now and then, but not every Monday.

Have a great Monday. I am looking forward to a great week!


Tuesday – Whiskey and Rye – Fort Worth – 8-10pm – acoustic solo

Thursday – Fresco’s – Burleson – 6:30 – 9:30 – acoustic duo with Jgra

Friday – Eno’s – Dallas – 9;30 – 11;30 – acoustic duo with Paul Boll

Saturday – Mijos Fusion – Fort Worth – 6:30 – 8;30 – acoustic duo with Justin Cambell

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Nostagia in Bluff Dale

I have only been to Bluff Dale, Texas a couple of times. This Saturday evening I will be going back and I am very much looking forward to it. There is one light in town…. I think….. and there are two places that I have been. The first is called Let’s Eat. It is small restaurant that is a one of a kind. You gotta go and see it for yourself. It is hard for me to explain. But my favorite part about the restaurant is the variety of people that it brings in. And the second is Greenwood Saloon. The Saloon and the street that it sits on has the feel that at any given moment an old West gun fight could break out.

And that is where we will be playing this Saturday evening. If you have never been…. Go this Saturday. Just make sure and make reservation at Let’s Eat and be ready to dance at Greenwood Saloon. Nostalgia at its finest.


Wednesday – Acoustic gig at Fred’s 7:00 – 10:00

Friday – Acoustic Gig at Eno’s in Dallas 9:30 – 11:30

Saturday – Full Band at Greenwood Saloon in Bluff Dale from 9:30 – 12:30

And also thanks again to Preston Jones for the nice review of the album:

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My First Love


So I can’t write anything further before I thank family and friends for the big album release show. It was awesome. The Live Oak – sold out – with great people, good music and food. There was a lot of love in that room and everyone could feel it. Thank you!
I feel compelled to give a shout out to the Rangers this Monday. The Texas Rangers Baseball Club. I have loved you from the very beginning. And for me that was back in the days of Steve Buechele. I was too young to understand why they “boo’ed” Steve Buechele when the announcer said his name and I did not like it because he was one of my favorites. Of course now I understand that his last name Bue……chele, sounds just like “boo”. Anyway. The Ranger boobirds are back…… but for the record……”Pete O’brien, Cecil Espy, Charlie Hough, Julio Franco, Pudge, Elvis, Nolan, John Daniels, Kinsler…. not me, I am rooting for you. Lets finish strong and get ourselves a pennant. Go Rangers!”
Going to Colorado! If you know someone up there please tell them. I will be doing most of my updating on Instagram at “thesongbirdjones”
Wednesday – Lucky Joes – 9:30-12:30 – Fort Collins, CO
Thursday – Highlands Cork & Cafe – 7:00-9:00 – Denver, CO
Friday – Old Town Pub – 9:00 – 12:00 – Steamboat Springs, CO
Saturday – Paris on the Platte – 9:00 – 12:00 – Denver, CO
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